Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Just another day

Pretty bland last couple days. I did finally get out today (aside from work) which I haven't in a good while. So that was good. Although the people I hung out with were FROM work and I had to pick one up from there lol. Didn't do anything special though just got some fast food and one of them wanted to go to the game store and get Homefront. Mainly hung out here after that and played some Marvel vs Capcom 3 for several hours which was amusing. The guys I had over weren't half bad for not having played the game before. I didn't have to baby them like usual lol.

Aside from that I have been trying to work on the site but uuughh working on a php script based site completely custom is a nightmare without technical knowledge. I'm TRYING to figure it out as I go like i usually do but this is really becoming difficult. I am one of those people that are insistent on doing everything myself and by hand. I COULD have it commissioned but that wouldn't be my work and I would have issues with it no matter how awesome simply because it isn't really mine. That is how my current site is. It was a design I had gotten from freelancer on their site. It was awesome at the the time and still is but it doesn't fulfill my needs. So...yeah its annoying but I'm hoping I figure something out. It isn't just for me, my entire community needs this as activity has been somewhat scattered lately. I need to reunite the group more and hopefully pull in new people.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Net Fail

I'm going to have to call verizon if this shit persists my nets been borked for a couple nights now. I was getting annoyed because I couldn't access any websites yet I could still connect to other services like my ventrilo and raptr client.

Anyways enough about that. I just want to extend my deepest prayers to Japan for they're current tragedy. I'm so oblivious to the news I didn't even know anything happened until one of my friends told me. I couldn't believe it when I saw the footage.

I was on Brotaku blog a few minutes ago and saw the picture posted there. I didn't understand it until I look closer and saw the comments. Could not believe what I was seeing. People claiming Japan got "what was coming to them" for Pearl Harbor. I am in shock and mind blown. I feel an intense hate for the world now at the same time it's that kind of thing that causes people to be that foolish. I don't know. I'm so upset thinking about it I can't even continue talking about it.

My best wishes to Japan and everyone involved. And I hope people get their shit together and stop hating others. For all they know a family member could've traveled there and been involved.