Thursday, March 10, 2011

AX RE Pictures

Well I had forgotten that while we got a lot of pictures taken of us, we actually didn't take many ourselves or very good ones at least. Will definately have to change that this year and next. Anyways heres what I have at the moment and ill post more as/if I find them.

HUNK to the left with Chris (me) behind him. Generic zombie and bella sister to the right
Same thing
Seriously if we managed to get the red eye thing going it would've been the best HUNK cosplay like...ever. We even found and ordered a real gas mask filter for that gas mask and that gas mask is the same British military gas mask HUNK uses.

Bella sister. The chainsaw is real. I actually gutted it and repainted it adding damage and rustic details. I also found a toy chainsaw (crappy one) and removed the saw part and fitted it into the chainsaw would have a blade that would'nt get us thrown out.

Was definitely fun cosplay. Will have to definitely do it again this year and take more pictures. Only sad thing is my British friend can't make it this year (he lives in the UK) and that means no epic HUNK. So I might take up the mantle this year instead of Chris.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Master of Disguise?

Woo saw my schedule today and I'm finally getting a slight break from work. I'll finally be able to work on my site and those RPGs some more. I have been sleeping way too much lately. This is probably the earliest/latest I've posted due to such lol. Doesn't help now that my new TV service has an anime channel I've been getting distracted by that and falling asleep again. Ah lazyness...perfect balance to being overworked.

In other news I've been looking into cosplay for Anime Expo as it isn't too far off now. I'm really undecided at the moment. Mainly because I generally like to cosplay with a group and I'm uncertain which members of my group are making it this year. Couple years back we all collectively did Resident Evil which was fun. I cosplayed Chris Redfield (RE5 version) my British friend did HUNK and I had a few others do various zombies including the Bella sisters. The cosplay for Chris and HUNK was expensive though lol. We went completely authentic from head to toe. I pretty much gathered as many pictures as I could of them and figured out what the real world equivalent of their costume was and tracked down and got them. I had gotten items from army surplus stores, ebay, various online stores, you name it. The cosplay was badass. Once I find my pictures ill be sure to post them here.

RE we might do again this year simply because we have the costumes and they're too badass (and pricey) to not do again. I'm also considering cosplaying Akihiko from Persona 3 FES. I did that cosplay one year and the ladies seemed to like it so that's reason enough for me to give it another go. The only other cosplay I am considering right now is BlazBlue but I'm somewhat worried its being way too heavily done right now. I don't know. I'll probably post updates on it shortly as its...something to talk about lol.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Man it's been one hell of a week.  Aside from work being hell I got my TV service replaced and my Internet upgraded. Unfortunately all was not smooth as both services have had their share of issues. Partially resulting in my lack of activity here. On the plus side everything should be good now at least as far as my internet goes so things should be back to normal. Had no idea how many things I really use the net for until its down for a long period of time lol. 

I also spent today hooking up a PS3 my father decided to get for the family room.  He has been wanting a device that is compatible with Netflix as well as a Bluray player. I guess he figured getting a PS3 was best way of getting both things. It is somewhat annoying though as because its theirs its out in that room and it's not even being used for gaming. So its taunting me lol. My craving to play Disgaea 3 will probably result in me getting it and playing it in there anyways just because I can and I can't afford my own console.

In my net downtime I have been doing redesign work on my website. My group has a website that I design and one of my members hosts. It's a lot of work and I am not very familiar with PHP programming, so exactly how far I get with the site is discouraging but we'll see what happens. If I get the site running to my satisfaction I'll probably link it here for those interested. It is a gaming/otaku/clan community site so there's a lot I have work on lol.

We'll that's about it. Wish I had more interesting shit to post but not a whole lot of awesome shit happens around here. I need to catch up on you guys now as I'm sure it's a much different case for you guys.