Thursday, February 24, 2011

Free to Pay

Just want to take a moment to thank my few readers for participating in this...whatever this is. I am actually enjoying posting here and reading yours as well. Thanks!

There was a game that came out not too too long ago called APB: All Points Bulletin. It was basically an MMO version of Grand Theft Auto. The game focused around Enforcement vs Criminals. I really enjoyed the game and it had the most amazing character creator EVER in an MMO game. You could scale every tiny piece of a persons body and it even had a mini photoshop program built in so that you could create custom visual content to use as decals, designs, or even tattoos. The gameplay was fun with the exception of the games balance issues. The game had a really bad habit of pitting new players with veterans which ended in really one sided sometimes even outnumbered matches. In the end the game lasted about a month before the company (Real Time Worlds) went under. The company died and the game with it.

A company called Gamers First has bought the game and is now putting it back out. Which would be awesome news except for the fact that it's a F2P company (Free to Play). Their history with such other games such as WarRock has an online store RENTING weapons for use in game. This adds up FAST and ends up having content costing more than a full fledged MMO subscription. I have no idea if I even want to try the new release of the game now for fear of getting sucked into it. I've played F2P games before they know what they're doing...

EDIT: I also (after posting this and passing out for 4 hours) manged to update the look of this thing. I'm not sure if its hard on the eyes or not...I guess ill keep it this way for now. Feedback would be great I don't want to strain anyone haha.


Why do I always get sucked into flame wars? lol. I was trying to dig up info on the next RE game coming out and it wasn't long before I ended up on Capcom's forum under the MvC3 section (just out of curiosity) and saw a huge 113 page complaint thread. After reading 5 page or so of crap of people just nerd raging I ended up posting a huge counter rant about people crying over every little thing. I have a history if posting huge novel length rants when I'm against a large amount of people against things. I however managed to stop myself this time and shorten it drastically which I'm proud of actually. But seriously people really do cry over anything anymore. Most of the games I play that people complain about they're always complaining that is isn't like (past game here) and it pisses me off because it encourages lazy development and discourages original ideas and risk taking. The game industry NEEDS new ideas and new kinds of games, not 12 HALOs and 15 Call of Duty 's. MvC3 took a huge risk dramatically altering its roster from MvC2 given MvC2 had a huge fan base and I respect that. Was it the greatest thing? No but at least they're adding downloadable content for more characters.

Eh I don't know. I haven't had a serious complaint about a game since Command & Conquer 4 but that's just because the game was atrocious and ruined one of my favorite franchises. Which was risk yes but the way they did it was just downright idiotic. If a game isn't perfect it isn't perfect but I wont raid forums all day crying over it.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Needs more zombie

Wow this week sucks I almost don't even have time to get on the computer at all which is unusual. Also nothing to really post about except complaining which id rather not make a habit of doing. I did however come across an interesting game that's coming out called Dead Island. I noticed the game on steam randomly checking out the 'coming soon' section and decided to give it a look and...well if you havn't seen the trailer its...uh graphic. I mean I'm not really phased by it but even I was surprised. (WARNING NOT FOR FEINT OF HEART) << It might just be because I only go to obscure things on youtube but to me that's one hell of a lot of dislikes. The game itself looks awesome so I'm guessing its the whole thing with the young girl and zombies. Personally I believe the trailer was put together to make the game seem more like a serious old school style zombie movie. Given the recent trend with zombie games being on the more comedic side such as Dead Rising and Left 4 Dead I'm guessing they wanted to stand out. But holy f*** what a controversial way to do so lol. So yeah what does everyone else think?

Monday, February 21, 2011

keep your bacon hot

Blah I'm so not used to working this much lol not going to complain as I'm lucky to have work. Anyways I decided to check out Monday Night Combat. Saw the game on steam and was curious after a post made by Penny Arcade regarding the game. Turns outs its pretty fun. At first I was concerned it was a Team Fortress 2 ripoff but it is actually quite different from TF2. First of all its a third person game rather than first which is different. The game also has a turret defense system built in for one of its survival modes which is actually pretty addictive. The only thing about the game is it really is more enjoyable with at least 1 other friend. I only find myself playing it with a friend of mine as I don't get too into it alone. But for the price its definitely worth a look if you're looking for a different type of game.

Also decided to start watching Desert Punk again. It was an anime I started to watch about a year or so ago but got sidetracked and never got around to finishing. Isn't the best anime in the world but its pretty amusing and I enjoy the rediculous humor.