Thursday, February 24, 2011

Free to Pay

Just want to take a moment to thank my few readers for participating in this...whatever this is. I am actually enjoying posting here and reading yours as well. Thanks!

There was a game that came out not too too long ago called APB: All Points Bulletin. It was basically an MMO version of Grand Theft Auto. The game focused around Enforcement vs Criminals. I really enjoyed the game and it had the most amazing character creator EVER in an MMO game. You could scale every tiny piece of a persons body and it even had a mini photoshop program built in so that you could create custom visual content to use as decals, designs, or even tattoos. The gameplay was fun with the exception of the games balance issues. The game had a really bad habit of pitting new players with veterans which ended in really one sided sometimes even outnumbered matches. In the end the game lasted about a month before the company (Real Time Worlds) went under. The company died and the game with it.

A company called Gamers First has bought the game and is now putting it back out. Which would be awesome news except for the fact that it's a F2P company (Free to Play). Their history with such other games such as WarRock has an online store RENTING weapons for use in game. This adds up FAST and ends up having content costing more than a full fledged MMO subscription. I have no idea if I even want to try the new release of the game now for fear of getting sucked into it. I've played F2P games before they know what they're doing...

EDIT: I also (after posting this and passing out for 4 hours) manged to update the look of this thing. I'm not sure if its hard on the eyes or not...I guess ill keep it this way for now. Feedback would be great I don't want to strain anyone haha.


  1. Blog looks goo, I like the background. In a well lit room though, darkness might change that.

    APB was suppose to be amazing, kind of sad that it couldn't deliver on its promises.

  2. I only wanna buy a game once, i don't wanna pay continuously or have to constantly pay for in-game items.

    blog background looks nice.

  3. Will need to check this game out.

  4. the look of the blog is fine, i also want to play the minimal amount when gaming

  5. Not too bad on the eyes...but the news is disturbing. APB was good in concept but was inproperly treated by it's mother-company. Now we have the developers for WarRock working on it? Guh...I'm scared.

  6. The first thing i noticed was the nice background (;
    Hmm I've never been a fan of P2P games, but then again I don't really play MMORPGs, so yeah XD
    Nice blog though, keep it up, will be following (:

  7. never heard about this game, but it's sad when you have to buy all the cool stuff with real life money

  8. Good job, I wait for next post.

    + followed:)

  9. I'm glad that SOMEONE picked up ABP, it was a great LOOKING game but executed horribly...I dunno if anyone can make it work honestly.