Monday, February 21, 2011

keep your bacon hot

Blah I'm so not used to working this much lol not going to complain as I'm lucky to have work. Anyways I decided to check out Monday Night Combat. Saw the game on steam and was curious after a post made by Penny Arcade regarding the game. Turns outs its pretty fun. At first I was concerned it was a Team Fortress 2 ripoff but it is actually quite different from TF2. First of all its a third person game rather than first which is different. The game also has a turret defense system built in for one of its survival modes which is actually pretty addictive. The only thing about the game is it really is more enjoyable with at least 1 other friend. I only find myself playing it with a friend of mine as I don't get too into it alone. But for the price its definitely worth a look if you're looking for a different type of game.

Also decided to start watching Desert Punk again. It was an anime I started to watch about a year or so ago but got sidetracked and never got around to finishing. Isn't the best anime in the world but its pretty amusing and I enjoy the rediculous humor.


  1. great video bro and funny

    following and $upporting
    return favor

  2. games on steam are cheap as hell compared to few years ago, so tempting

  3. I want to check this out, no one to play with though.

  4. for $15, I think monday night combat is a good alternative class-based shooter.