Saturday, February 19, 2011

Man I really hope I don't start being taken advantage of. Where I work we have 2 departments that work side by side and about a week ago they were integrated with the same team of workers myself included. When the departments split so did the team and I changed over to the new department. I told my old team if they needed my help at night to let me know. That was yesterday and tonight they asked me to stay over an hour helping them do a bunch of crap that wasn't either of our jobs to begin with. So I hope I didn't screw myself trying to be nice.

And f*** this whole being sick shit... nearly every damn person I know is sick and finally when I'd normally have a lot of time to rest I get sick and am working a bunch of crazy hours which isn't helping. I can't take time either because the store I'm at thought it would be a brilliant idea to give our department 3 f***ing people to cover a week.

Eh sorry for the rant just got back and am tired as shit. Probably going to play some MvC3 and pass out. Also sorry for lack of substance in the blog its serving no purpose other than to express randomness right now lol.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Late night randomness

Faaaantastic so this is going to be a short post as its 3 in the morning and the only thing I did today (now yesterday technically) was work and man was THAT exciting...*sarcasm* Anyways I did get Scott Pilgrim vs the World in the mail from netflix today so that should be fun. I've already seen it like 3 times but its totally worth it. Sure as hell not watching that now though given the time.

Sorry for there not being much here to look at, ill give you something I've been laughing at for 20 minutes though.

Special Note: Don't have your sound too loud. Ears exploding may follow.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Nothing like a good marathon...

Well today was my last day off so I decided to waste it as much as possible which was probably a bad idea as I had shit to do... Oh well. Aside from the obvious (playing MvC3 for hours) I randomly decided to check out the anime adaptation of Witchblade which I pretty much watched the entire series... Unfortunately I haven't read the comic to compare but I enjoyed it. I strangely enough liked the character relationship between the mother and daughter throughout the series which I don't want to spoil too much. It was a nice change of a somewhat serious story despite the usual ridiculous action anime with half naked girls everywhere. Generally you get one or the other but the series had a nice balance between the two. Oh yeah decided to speed run Resident Evil 5 with my British friend earlier too. It was somewhat amusing as we have played the game so many times but the one time we try to speed run it he kept getting f***ing lost. Good times...

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Capcom FTW

So yeah as I predicted I ended up playing Marvel vs Capcom 3 as much I could today between all the other shit I had to do. And yeah its awesome. After reading about all the characters left out from 2 I was somewhat worried about the character roster but the ones they added in are amusing as hell. Deadpool, Chris, and Wesker sell it alone. At least they kept Morrigan who I pretty much use in every game shes in which is...almost all of them. I am however annoyed that I didn't pre-order the collectors edition. I'm usually good about pre-ordering games I know I'll be getting, especially if they have special editions, but I for some reason I completely forgot to this time. The CE was removed from all the websites and sold out everywhere by then. Ah well time to play it some more. I might enter a contest at AX this year if they have one for it (they'd be stupid not to).

(oh as a side note my post header refers to my team consisting of pure Capcom characters, w00t.)

zomg blog

Awesome that didn't take me like 45 minutes to come up with the lamest blog name ever. Oh well. Hello world or whatever very very small population of it. This is my first generic blog so I have no idea what I'm doing! I don't have a particular theme going, nor do I plan on having one. I am a typical otaku/gamer so you'll find plenty of either rants or regurgitated information from the intarwebs on here more than likely. I also can't guarantee I'll keep this updated often  for obvious reasons...Anyways here's to hoping success!

Oh crap yeah and its Marvel vs. Capcom 3 day w00t yeah once I pick up this game in a few hours I promise nothing LOL. Tell you what though any other MvC3 fans that end up getting the 360 version and want to play it on LIVE let me know, should be fun.