Saturday, February 19, 2011

Man I really hope I don't start being taken advantage of. Where I work we have 2 departments that work side by side and about a week ago they were integrated with the same team of workers myself included. When the departments split so did the team and I changed over to the new department. I told my old team if they needed my help at night to let me know. That was yesterday and tonight they asked me to stay over an hour helping them do a bunch of crap that wasn't either of our jobs to begin with. So I hope I didn't screw myself trying to be nice.

And f*** this whole being sick shit... nearly every damn person I know is sick and finally when I'd normally have a lot of time to rest I get sick and am working a bunch of crazy hours which isn't helping. I can't take time either because the store I'm at thought it would be a brilliant idea to give our department 3 f***ing people to cover a week.

Eh sorry for the rant just got back and am tired as shit. Probably going to play some MvC3 and pass out. Also sorry for lack of substance in the blog its serving no purpose other than to express randomness right now lol.


  1. Don't worry about it. I'm in a pretty similar situation. It's the time of the year; everyone is getting sick. :/

  2. at least marvel v capcom 3 came out when you were in a bit of a rut. hope things look up for you

  3. that blows, at least your not unemployed as i am right now.