Tuesday, February 15, 2011

zomg blog

Awesome that didn't take me like 45 minutes to come up with the lamest blog name ever. Oh well. Hello world or whatever very very small population of it. This is my first generic blog so I have no idea what I'm doing! I don't have a particular theme going, nor do I plan on having one. I am a typical otaku/gamer so you'll find plenty of either rants or regurgitated information from the intarwebs on here more than likely. I also can't guarantee I'll keep this updated often  for obvious reasons...Anyways here's to hoping success!

Oh crap yeah and its Marvel vs. Capcom 3 day w00t yeah once I pick up this game in a few hours I promise nothing LOL. Tell you what though any other MvC3 fans that end up getting the 360 version and want to play it on LIVE let me know, should be fun.


  1. look forward to what you add later!



  2. When I saw the trailer of MvC3, I was like : "if I ever get that game, I won't have any social life anymore".