Thursday, March 3, 2011


Last day off of the week for me and I was supposed to hang out with someone but they were sick. Was supposed to hang out with someone else but they were MIA. Sooo I ended up catching up on sleep which I slept way too much and felt like shit for the rest of the day lol. On a good note my Dawn of War II: Retribution Collectors Edition came today finally. Two days late mind you and I paid for overnight too. But alas it came and it isn't the most impressive CE I've seen but its pretty nice.

I would've taken some pictures myself but the only camera I have is on my phone and its laughable at best.

Anyways after I wasted the day sleeping I decided to waste the rest of it playing through the Ork campaign of the game. (I have 2 friends picking it up who love Space Marines and Chaos so I saved those campaigns for co-op) And I was surprised at the quality of the campaign. The levels while much much smaller in number (about 12 per race) are A LOT larger and at least have more purpose than simply "kill everything to the other side of map and kill a boss". I began playing the game around 5 pm and I must have beaten the Ork campaign at around 3 am lol (taking breaks, dinner and crap into consideration). So I'd say about 8 hours per campaign and 6 campaigns aren't too shabby at all. Unfortunately I've heard that all the races basically have very similar missions just different story. Which is disappointing but I haven't been able to look into that myself yet. All in all Its hard to say if I enjoyed this campaign more than the first games. I will say that I enjoyed the story much more and while Orks aren't my favorite race I enjoyed playing them which impresses me. I would say if you are a fan of Warhammer 40K or enjoyed at least the first game to look into this.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

RPG hell

Not going to be a long post. Work has been ridiculous as I have made slight mention to a few times already so I haven't been 100% lately. I'm pretty much going to post a list of RPGs that I need to get through so that maybe if I mention them I'll have some motivation to start trying to get through them lol.

- Disgaea 1 (played an ungodly ammount of 2 but didnt get far in 1)

- Record of Agarest War (I didn't even know what this was, I saw a collector edition with ecchi all over it for 30$ so I didn't question it. It's good but its slow and very tactical)

- Persona 3 FES (I even COSPLAYED this and didn't finish it. Doesn't help every third persons blog has talked about playing it. This one probably takes priority.)

- Wild Arms 5 (Loved 3 to death and 4 was pretty good but I only got through the first parts of 5...for some reason)

- Star Ocean till the end of time (Got stuck on a part where I kept getting my ass kicked. Was very discouraging but I need to try again at some point as the game is amazing)

- Metal Saga (Not the best game in the world but pretty fun and also pretty low priority)

- MS Saga (I don't even know why I have this. Is it even opened?)

- Grandia 3 (Owned but not played, and not going to until I clear my queue up LOL)

- Final Fantasy 7 (Yes...I know...)

Ugh I think that's about it. Most annoying part is I think my PS2 is dying and MOST of these are PS2 games. I think Record of Agarest War is the only non PS2 RPG in the list. I'll probably start on P3 FES and go from there when I have the time and stamina.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Stop drop and GTFO

I'm just going to start by saying who the F*** has fire drills at 9:00 pm at night? Isn't that shit usually done in the mornings? I'm stuck at work closing down my dept alone backed up like hell and I have to go dashing out the emergency exit like a jackass because they decide its important for the 12 some-odd people left in the store (also all backed up or they'd be home) to have a drill. I guess if anything I learned where the evac point is. If the Loss Prevention manager didn't run with me to where I was supposed to be going I would've been wandering out the wrong side of the building like an idiot.Trying to find where everyone is gathering.

That was my weekend in a nutshell, stupid bullshit lol. On a more calm point my friend, who has just been raiding the Xbox LIVE store since he got it hooked up, has talked me into getting the remake of the original Perfect Dark. Its one hell of a nostalgia bomb thats for sure. I played the hell out of the original on the Nintendo 64. I think it was also one of the first shooters to have botmatch AI in a deathmatch type mode. Games like Goldeneye had no AI apart from story mode. Game also looks really nice in its remake. Don't get me wrong, it looks like crap, just polished crap. All of the textures were redone in HD which looks really nice. Some of the models were redone to look much more detailed although still low poly which lessens the strain on the eyes. All in all we played it for about 3 hours straight trying to get through co-op mode and it was pretty fun. My control on it was godawful though. I couldn't hit shit even WITH aim assist on till about the third or fourth stage. I have no idea how I played games like this in the past on controllers.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Hand me downs

Weekend at work has been pretty rough so far not a lot of time to do much. I did however get my phone replaced which is good I suppose. I was using an LG Rumor old ass thing but served me well for what I used it for which was the occasional call and the occasional text. I was never a big epic app-touchy-high-end-phone-user kind of person. I use phones for phones as needed. Since my Rumor was dying (it was pulling crazy shit like displaying time backwards and inverting colors for no reason it would also do the completely opposite of shit id tell it to, as if to f*** with me on purpose) I got it replaced with a hand me down from my mother since she got her phone upgraded. So now I'm using an old ass Samsung Instinct s30 lol. So I decided hey I have a phone that can shit other than text and call. Well...I was half right. After 2 hours of screwing with the damn thing I've figured out how to do exactly what I could do before, and how to BARELY do anything else. But hey at least I can surf the web faster on a slightly larger screen.

To be honest I'm just glad when I go to check the time on it I'm not looking at a blank white screen or a flipped upside-down jarbled mess anymore so works for me I guess. And hey as long as no one comes over and checks my phone out I can at least pretend I have a badass phone like they do. Assuming they care anymore than I do which is unlikely.

On a random note I got my friend to hook up his Xbox 360 finally, after 2 months of harassing him about it. We decided to grab Hard Corps: Uprising which has been advertised on LIVE arcade for a few weeks now. Holy shit if you have played Contra, well, its Contra. Game looks really nice it was made by Arc System Works which did Guilty Gear and Blazblue. Also by KONAMI (affiliated with the original contra). The second we both saw the menu and saw it was by KONAMI we knew it was probably going to be like Contra, we just didn't know how much.. The game is pretty damn challenging it took us about an hour to get past the first stage. Which is actually embarrassingly pathetic considering we aren't amateur gamers lol. But yeah we enjoyed the game quite a bit and it is definitely worth a look if you are a fan of Contra or Metal Slug or any of those other challenging side scrolling co-op shooters.