Wednesday, March 2, 2011

RPG hell

Not going to be a long post. Work has been ridiculous as I have made slight mention to a few times already so I haven't been 100% lately. I'm pretty much going to post a list of RPGs that I need to get through so that maybe if I mention them I'll have some motivation to start trying to get through them lol.

- Disgaea 1 (played an ungodly ammount of 2 but didnt get far in 1)

- Record of Agarest War (I didn't even know what this was, I saw a collector edition with ecchi all over it for 30$ so I didn't question it. It's good but its slow and very tactical)

- Persona 3 FES (I even COSPLAYED this and didn't finish it. Doesn't help every third persons blog has talked about playing it. This one probably takes priority.)

- Wild Arms 5 (Loved 3 to death and 4 was pretty good but I only got through the first parts of 5...for some reason)

- Star Ocean till the end of time (Got stuck on a part where I kept getting my ass kicked. Was very discouraging but I need to try again at some point as the game is amazing)

- Metal Saga (Not the best game in the world but pretty fun and also pretty low priority)

- MS Saga (I don't even know why I have this. Is it even opened?)

- Grandia 3 (Owned but not played, and not going to until I clear my queue up LOL)

- Final Fantasy 7 (Yes...I know...)

Ugh I think that's about it. Most annoying part is I think my PS2 is dying and MOST of these are PS2 games. I think Record of Agarest War is the only non PS2 RPG in the list. I'll probably start on P3 FES and go from there when I have the time and stamina.


  1. Don't worry about not finishing all of these games. I have a similar problem myself. Persona 3 is a great choice to start with, although it might be a bit biased coming from me. You won't be disappointed though. Just make sure to max out your party's levels for a less rage filled final boss.

  2. Pokemon Black and White are coming out, I'm passing on it though. I want to play pen and paper ones so bad right now.

  3. Black and White are gonna be TIGHT!

    I don't judge about the FF7 business, now if you were playing 8! lol

    You play a lot of solid RPG's. That's a rare thing to see in my area of the world, its nice to see.

  4. havent played any of these except ff7, i usually dont have the patience for rpgs

  5. I've never fully completed any RPG, I always get bored.

  6. Im rather excited for the new pokemon ones, sick post man!

  7. mac-and-me knows what he's talking about.

    I haven't played FF7 either. I've tried to start a couple times, but I keep getting bored with it. I wish they'd release the FF4 sequels from wiiware on the ds...

  8. Man, I love Persona 3, but never finished it. I would recommend Final Fantasy 9 over 7, but that's preference really. 9 doesn't show its age as much as 7 does.

  9. I heard star ocean is a rage enduing game I never actually had the chance to play the game.

  10. Oh Disgaea. I love that game, although I must admit that I never actually BEAT it (despite having put 100+ hours into it). Love the Item World.