Sunday, February 27, 2011

Hand me downs

Weekend at work has been pretty rough so far not a lot of time to do much. I did however get my phone replaced which is good I suppose. I was using an LG Rumor old ass thing but served me well for what I used it for which was the occasional call and the occasional text. I was never a big epic app-touchy-high-end-phone-user kind of person. I use phones for phones as needed. Since my Rumor was dying (it was pulling crazy shit like displaying time backwards and inverting colors for no reason it would also do the completely opposite of shit id tell it to, as if to f*** with me on purpose) I got it replaced with a hand me down from my mother since she got her phone upgraded. So now I'm using an old ass Samsung Instinct s30 lol. So I decided hey I have a phone that can shit other than text and call. Well...I was half right. After 2 hours of screwing with the damn thing I've figured out how to do exactly what I could do before, and how to BARELY do anything else. But hey at least I can surf the web faster on a slightly larger screen.

To be honest I'm just glad when I go to check the time on it I'm not looking at a blank white screen or a flipped upside-down jarbled mess anymore so works for me I guess. And hey as long as no one comes over and checks my phone out I can at least pretend I have a badass phone like they do. Assuming they care anymore than I do which is unlikely.

On a random note I got my friend to hook up his Xbox 360 finally, after 2 months of harassing him about it. We decided to grab Hard Corps: Uprising which has been advertised on LIVE arcade for a few weeks now. Holy shit if you have played Contra, well, its Contra. Game looks really nice it was made by Arc System Works which did Guilty Gear and Blazblue. Also by KONAMI (affiliated with the original contra). The second we both saw the menu and saw it was by KONAMI we knew it was probably going to be like Contra, we just didn't know how much.. The game is pretty damn challenging it took us about an hour to get past the first stage. Which is actually embarrassingly pathetic considering we aren't amateur gamers lol. But yeah we enjoyed the game quite a bit and it is definitely worth a look if you are a fan of Contra or Metal Slug or any of those other challenging side scrolling co-op shooters.

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  1. dont feel too bad, i have a slide phone from 4 years ago that im still using