Sunday, March 20, 2011

Smells like BURNING

Id post a picture of FAIL here but I didn't get one. I grabbed a hot frozen food tray by the plastic film (note it wasn't ventilated and was in there a whole fucking 10 minutes on max) and it peeled right up by accident effectively steam cooking my fingers. It kinda fucking hurt. A LOT. I had to wrap them all in aqua cool pad gel thingamabobs and gauze them. Typing was a joke so I didn't try lol. They finally healed today (at least i don't feel BURNING anymore) so w00t.

Anyways I had extended an invitation to another blogger a little bit ago to go to my old community site. I wasn't going to post the link for that anywhere until my new site for it's done but fuck it. I know one or two of my members blogged but I have no idea if they posted our site or not. At any rate, don't be thrown off by the deathly inactivity of it all, we are VERY daily active. Were just so comfortable hanging out on ventrilo and IM devices that we don't find time to go to the forums often. I wanted to wait till my new site was done and advertise the shit out of it for traffic and members but I don't know how long my new sites going to take. I haven't actively gotten new community members in about 2 years. (been running it for 7) I blame the site template being too hard to manage and lacking things we need. (is why I'm making a new site). Anyone new that posts I check them out and welcome them. If people start posting on the forums I bet activity there will skyrocket.

Anyways just wanted people to know if they were interested. Its a really laid back community your activity is entirely up to you and we've got pretty much everything for anyone. Hang out and bullshit. Play casually. Play competitively. People at night, day, morning, weekdays, weekends. Online projects, actual IRL projects, you name it. The community is mostly consisted of people in their early to late 20s but we have some old guys/girls and one or two younger people. Age and sex range is pretty varied its all about a casual community of great like-minded people. Looking forward to seeing more people!


  1. great post. looking forward to reading your next one

  2. I may check this out. Thanks yo!

  3. hot frozen? what?
    site looks alright

  4. Oh jeez, I hope your fingers heal soon.

    Thanks for the offer, but I think I'm going to have to decline for now. Recently I'm not in much of a mood to play online games and I'm a bit nervous about getting into communities. I'll keep your offer in mind in the future though.